The Branch produce regular bulletins for Stewards, specific workplaces, Leeds City Council directorates, and schools containing useful information.

£95k Cap Revoked

The Government has announced that they have REVOKED the regulations capping public sector exit payments to £95,000. Read more…

Branch Year End Arrangements

This bulletin contains information about the arrangements for the Annual General Meeting which is to be held during the weeks commencing 15th and 22nd March 2021, and the election of Branch Officers. Read more…

Branch Bulletin – 7th October 2020

This latest bulletin covers the Branch’s nomination for General Secretary, email consent, and benefits provided by UNISON. Read more…

Branch Bulletin – 19th June 2020

In this latest issue of our regular bulletin you will find details of: –
* An online discussion you can attend, set up to explore the new Green Deal with particular emphasis on the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport. The meeting will ask: When we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, how can put the climate emergency at the heart of rebuilding our economy and society.
*UNISON’s welfare charity, There for You which aims to offer advice and help to those suffering financial and emotional hardship.
*A series of learning opportunities open to all members.
Read more…

Branch Bulletin – Financial challenges and H&S

Here is the latest bulletin from the Branch Secretary. This bulletin is to  provide the latest information arising out of the COVID-19 crisis and in particular following Leeds City Council’s announcement that they are seeking to consult with UNISON to avoid potential redundancies. We have been informed that this situation arises as a result of […]