Annual General Meeting

We are pleased to be able to report to you that the 2021 aggregate Annual General Meeting achieved a quorum, and was able to pass a number of motions and rule amendments that will allow the branch to operate in a better way.

We are now able to introduce new ways of working to help stewards’ and members’ meetings operate virtually within branch rule.  It also means in the future, when things get back to normal post pandemic, that meetings can be blended with some people physically present, and others attending virtually to provide a more accessible way of working.

The branch was also able to establish a Branch Women’s Officer position, and re-name the Affiliated Political Fund Officer to Labour Link Officer.  Both these posts are currently vacant.  If anyone is interested in the roles, please contact the Leeds UNISON branch office.

Lastly, all those who attended the AGMs have been included in a prize draw and we will soon be in a position to contact those who have won prizes.

Thanks to all who attended and we hope to see you at next year’s Annual General Meeting.