West Yorkshire Mayor – Citizens UK Assembly Thursday 29 April 7pm

You may know that Leeds UNISON supports the Campaign for a Real Living Wage – the true amount that an individual requires to meet every day needs.  We want a commitment to make West Yorkshire a Real Living Wage Region.

The two main candidates for the new role of West Yorkshire Mayor will be in attendance at a virtual Zoom meeting organised by Citizens UK Assembly. The meeting is taking place on Thursday 29 April from 7pm to 8.30pm.  The link to join the meeting follows


Please use the link to sign up for the assembly and press the mayoral candidates on the following important actions needed for the West Yorkshire region to become a Real Living Wage region.

We call on the newly elected West Yorkshire Mayor to :-

  • Set up a working group of trade unions, Citizens UK, Living Wage Foundation and Living Wage employers, and send out 5 letters a month to employers who do not pay the Real Living Wage for their first year of term;
  • Convene leaders and commissioners from all 5 West Yorkshire Local Authorities to learn from other local authorities how they can improve the pay and conditions of care workers in West Yorkshire;
  • Eliminate the 9.30am restriction on when disabled and elderly people can use their bus pass on public transport.

It is important that there is a big turnout and there are lots of people online for the assembly.  Please sign up and try to attend. If we can get these commitments enacted by the new Mayor we will have moved forward on behalf of many UNISON members.