UNISON calls for a ‘substantial​’ pay rise for ​council and school workers

Workers should get a wage increase of at least 10%

Yesterday UNISON and two other local government unions submitted a pay claim ​for 2021/22, which they say begin​s to redress a decade of cuts and recognise​s the key role ​played in the pandemic ​by school and council staff.

They want to see a ‘substantial’ pay increase from this April with a wage rise of at least 10% for all council ​and school support employees in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

​Under the claim, the ​pay of the lowest paid workers ​would go above £10 per hour – ​lifting them above the ​real ​living ​wage of £9.50 per hour (outside London).

The full story on UNISON’s national site can be found here.